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Nabbing just the right person is essential to your team’s success. Your budget is limited and your time is precious. Getting burned with the wrong hire could quickly put you up Shit’s Creek without a paddle. Cupalo helps with that.

Cupalo Curatorium

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The Cupalo Curatorium — our exclusive group of high level domain experts — is our sure-fire method of building absolute trust in our network, knowledge, and judgement, so you can be sure your match is rock solid.


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Cupalo takes the weight off of your plate.

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What Type of Expertise Will You Find In Our Network?

Here at Cupalo we’re tech agnostic. We work with the best and brightest who are experts in their lane and great at solving tough problems.

Some of the Tech We Know & Love

New tech is emerging every day, this is just a small smorgasbord of some of the tech/tools/processes our community gets down with.

<Front End Dev>
[API Dev]
JVM Expertise
Ruby on Rails
<Cloud> &Platform Engineering
Amazon Web Services
Google Cloud Platform
Microsoft Azure
{Mobile App Dev}
Native Mobile Expertise (iOS and Android)
Cross & Multi Platform Solutions (React Native, Ionic and Flutter)
</Data Analytics> & (Engineering)
Power BI
Quality_Assurance &_Testing
Test Automation
Integration Testing
Acceptance Testing
Automated UI Testing
[(Data Science) /Machine Learning‘]
Data Mining
Natural Language Processing
numpy / pandas / matplotlib / seaborn
Sklearn / TensorFlow / PyTorch


Protect (Mimecast, Checkpoint, Cisco)
Detect (Symantec, CrowdStrike, CyberReason)
Train (ProofPoint, KnowBe4)
Scan (Nextpose, SonarCube)
Respond (SIEM/MSSP, Rapid7, SolarWinds)
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Some of the Software Development Practices We Roll With

Lauren helped me jumpstart building a team from the ground up by developing a relationship - learning about me, my business, my desired culture. Lauren was so effective, because she had similarly real relationships with top tier technical people.

Kevin Behrens
SVP of Product Engineering
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Even if you’re not quite ready to hire, with Cupalo you’ll have a full toolbox of talent ready and waiting when it’s time to scale.
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Even if you’re not quite ready to hire, with Cupalo you’ll have a full toolbox of talent ready and waiting when it’s time to scale. Drop us a line!